My Awful Stay at Hotel Max In Seattle

Hi There,

I wanted to tell you guys about my stay at Hotel Max in Downtown Seattle, back in February. I wish I had better news to report but the hotel wasn’t up to par at all.

First things first, when my friend and I got to the hotel, the front desk agent as well as the manager told us that our room with two double beds and a roll-in shower was unavailable due to a computer glitch.  So needless to say we were off to a good start not getting the room we had booked. However, the Manager did admit to speaking to me several times regarding the details of the booking and did apologize.

When we got back to our room later that night the roll away cot that each and everyone of the staff members promised to us, was not there. To make matters worse, we kept having to get new room keys because the ones they gave us never worked.

To make this trip even more enjoyable the elevator there was really small, so small that I could barely turn my wheelchair in the elevator which leads me to proclaim that the accessibility ranking at this hotel is in serious jeopardy!

I would not recommend Hotel Max to anyone wanting an aggravation-free and accessible accommodation.

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