The New And Improved Boston Celtics

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Kyrie Irving decided to step out of Lebron James shadow in Cleveland in the summer. He asked his general manager David Griffin for a trade. Two weeks later Kyrie was traded for Isiah Thomas and found himself in Boston. This was two weeks after Boston  signed Gordon Hayward to a four year 128 million max deal with Boston. In the first five minutes of the season opener on October 17th, Gordon broke his leg going up for a layup in a gruesome injury. As a result Hayward was out for the year before it even began. Boston started the with a record of  0-2. Then Kyrie took over and proved to everyone around the NBA that he can run his own team, winning an improbable 16 games in a row. They currently have the best record in the league at 16-3. Kyrie is averaging  almost 25 points a game, and assisting at a high clip.  He is not doing it without help. Rookie Jayson Tatum has proven to be the best of this year’s draft class. He’s a high flyer on offense and his length helps him be an incredible defender, blocking shots all over the floor. Hayward’s replacement in the starting lineup second year player Jaylen Brown has been a huge surprise to everyone around the league. He’s an incredible two way player with a very high basketball IQ. Jaylen is averaging almost twenty points a game. Stephen Curry said this after he and the Warriors lost to Boston. ”I hear the weather is pretty good here in June.” I would have to agree with you Stephen Curry.

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