Carmelo Anthony’s Great Return to The NBA With The Blazers!

Portland, OR, USA - February 3, 2017; The Moda Center is located in Portland, OR and is the home of the Portland Trailblazers basketball team. Along with hosting Trailblazers games it is also a venue for concerts and special events.

Hi Guys, Today I’m going to talk Carmelo Anthony’s retutn to NBA, up in the Northwest with the Portland Trail Blazers! Carmelo affectionally known as Melo… around the league.   Has come back to the NBA with Vengeance. In his first week back Anthony was named Player of the week, in the NBA. Right after signing a non guaranteed deal in Rip City. Melo only three weeks ago was a year removed from Professional Basketball. Carmelo player of the week numbers were an impressive 22.3 points per game 7.7 rebounds and 2,7 assists. This was 14th time Anthony’s recieved player of the week honours. It was first time in a long time in the Western Conference, the first time since  he was with the Denver Nuggets. The Trail Blazers went 3-0 that week, so even Hollywood could not have written a better script! For Melo’s his first two plus weeks back in league.  After his year plus unwanted hiatus from the NBA. I like many people, also known as players and media believe Melo had been black balled by the NBA after his two very short disastrous stints in Oklahoma City and Houston over a year ago , Rodney Hood Damian Lilard and CJ Mcollum Anthony’s now teammates all openly said so! Trust me there were way more that said so to many to name!… This was widely the belief among all NBA players and media…. Damian Lilard  AKA (Dame Dollar) and CJ Mcollum the star duo for the Portland  Trail Blazers were big advocates for Carmelo’s return to the NBA  and are main reason he’s with Trail Blazers and in the league at all! In an interview with ESPN  with wonderful and talented Rachel Nichols on the show the The Jump, just a few days ago, one of the most popular shows on ESPN. The Former Superstar said that he was ready and prepared to walk away and retire from the game he loves He said to Rachel Nichols It was very hard wake up every morning with a  tredmendous amount and structure  in his life! So I completely understand why he was ready to walk away from the game. To go through something like that would be incredibly mentally trying experience to go through… One can only imagine! especially for an elite NBA basketball like Carmelo Anthony who’s played his whole life  basically for 30 years of his life.  Carmelo has been an NBA All- Star 10 times in his career, and All-NBA team member 6 times in his career! I’m very happy Carmelo Portland took a chance on Melo, and gave him a second chance! He really deserved it! Needless to say this is long overdue! He is a proven  star  in the best league  even at year 17 he is a proven scorer and has always been amazing scorer I believe he has now shown with Portland, in these short sample of games that he is much defensive player better. He had weekend intensive training camp in New York City  He has worked incredibly  hard on his game every single day with his personal trainer out there in Big Apple!… for over year. His hard work and dedication to the game has finally paid off! I am incredibly happy for him! Carmelo said This is not a farewell tour for me! I’m over joyed to hear him say that! Carmelo Anthony is still writing the book of his career and for me  as huge an NBA fan, and a big fan of Carmelo!… I am very Grateful!

I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving!

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