NBA Play- In Recap And My Playoff Preview

"LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA - FEBRUARY 17th 2011: Exterior of the Staples Center with banners promoting the 2011 NBA All Star Game, the day before the event."

Hi guys,

today I wanted to do a Play-In Review and a Playoff Preview. Today Round 1 of NBA Playoffs start First things first I will start with the inaugural that took place this week Let me begin in the Eastern Conference With Jayson Tatum and Kemba Walker Captaining the Ship in the 7th and 8th seed Matchup Against the Washington Wizards Jayson Tatum went completely Nuclear scoring an incredible 50 Points and Kemba Walker chipping in with a mere 29 Points leading Boston to a Win and the 7 seed. This means Boston Celtics earned the right to Play James Harden Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant and the 2nd seed Brooklyn Nets. The 1st Round Series Starts Today Saturday, May 22nd at 8 pm Eastern Time on ABC. The Series Should be fun! The Washington Wizards rounded out the seeding in the Eastern Conference With Blow out a win Against Malcolm Brodgden the Indiana Pacers. Washington will play the first seed the Philadelphia Seventy Sixers The Series will start tomorrow at 1 pm Eastern Time In Philly. Now as far as the west goes the Lakers held off a game Golden State Warriors Squad, led by of course Stephen Curry. Curry had 37 points because the rest of the played very poorly. LeBron James (AKA) King James only had a mere 22 points but he hit a huge three-pointer at the end of regulation, winning the game for the LakeShow and avoiding overtime. By a score of 103-100 Therefore the Lakers secured the 7th seed with the win against the 8th seed Golden State Warriors. The Bay Area folks from San Franciso Yesterday Friday, May 21st They lost to Memphis Grizzlies in a very tight back and forth nail-biting battle! Memphis was able to just… squeak out a win needless to say there most important win of the season. They earned the right to play the Utah Jazz this season Very surprising number 1 seed in the Western Conference The Series Starts Tommoeow Sunday on May 23rd at 730 Mountain time in the high altitude of Salt Lake City. The remaining Playoff Matchups are as follows LA Clippers VS #4 Dallas Mavericks #5. Denver Nuggets #3 VS the Portland Trailblazers #6 In Eastern Conference, The rest of the Matchups are as follows The New York Knicks #4 VS The Atlanta Hawks #5. The Milwaukee Bucks #3 VS The Miami Heat #6. Well, we have to see what happens in these NBA Playoffs!!!!!…… It is going to be a great time for NBA Fans all over the World!!!… Happy Reading Guys!!!…

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