Are The Brookyln Nets The Best Superteam Ever?

New York, USA - December 12, 2012: Barclays Center at Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn is a multi-purpose arena. The arena hosts concerts, conventions, the National Basketball Associations Brooklyn Nets and other sporting events. This is the entrance sign view from the subway exit, people on the escalator.

Hi guys, today I’m going to Brooklyn Nets, and they are best Super-team ever? Every NBA so called expert thinks so! Here is why I think they’re absolutely right! First of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are more than good enough by themseles. Kyrie and Kevin signed with the team from the Brookyln Borrow two years ago back in the summer of 2019. Right after Kevin Durant AKA KD tore his achelies In the NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors and the rest Canadian History as they say. Kevin Durant subsquently soon after that the Washington D.C. Native decided to join Kyrie Irving AKA Uncle Drew in Brookyln That was there true begining of the Super-team although Durant was rehabing torn his achelies. All throughout year and did not play. Kyrie Also had his fair of injury promblems in the 2019 -2020 Season The Nets went on finish with just Kyrie barely playing at that. Irving and Deandre Jordan opted not to play in infamous NBA Bubble leaving them extremely short handed in the Playoffs. They got swept by the Toronto Raptors 2 seed at the time. Lets go on the fast track to the the 2020-2021 Season on Opening Day which happened the ultimaate day of gifts Christmas Day just a few short months ago Christmas Day has always been a very very famous day on the NBA Calendar! The most famous day at that! There was already so much Hype for the guys from the Borrow because of the two Super Stars Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant There was more hype for them and the team than a great piece of cheesecake… in Brooklyn Than in January James Harden started to make a huge stink and a huge mess! He then sat in Houston out and forced Houstons hand in a blockbubuster trade! leaving the Houston Rockects in shambles. The Brookyln Nets were now in my humble opinion the best NBA team ever asembled! They recently added Blake Griffin and LaMarcus Aldrige. in the NBA Buyout Market. after dwelling in obsrurity for 2 years in Detroit. He clearly did not like it at all and who could blame him really… Blake seems to have the bounce back in his step and a new lease on life literally speaking as well at his first game He dunked the ball for the first time in two years! with authority at that! Lamarcus Alridge is still a great player and he gives the Nets tredmendous depht. Alridge is way more than a serviceable big man NBA in my humble opinion! What makes the Brookyln Nets the best Super -team in NBA is fact that James Harden, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant can each drop 50 points on any given night! To make matters worse they all are in there prime of there careers. They all are playing at there highest level they have ever played collectivelly They are just absoutley on automatic! They are a 3 headed Monster of a team, with first year head coach Hall of Famer Canadian Basketball legend, Steve Nash. He’s doing a great job managing the team and stering the ship of personalities in the right direction! I strongly whole hardly believe that they will be the greatest dynasty in NBA history!… Is all this fair that is for you guys to decide!….

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