The Lakers Are Champions Once Again!

"Los Angeles, California USA - April 10, 2011: Magic Johnson statue placed in front of the Staples Center. Quiet afternoon before an evening of Laker Fever a week before the playoffs."

Hi Guys, I’m here to talk about the Lakers 17th Championship.  The Lakers are now tied with the Boston Celtics  with the most championships all time in the NBA. In the Los Angeles Lakers Series against the Miami Heat LeBron James and Anthony Davis were on mission  to lead the Lakers Team to there first Championship in 10 years! I’m so glad The Lakers got the Chip this year! For those of you who don’t know the word Chip is slang for Championship! Laker Nation got the Chips with the Dip this year, to quote the great rapper Drake! In Game 1 of the Finals The Lakers won the game 116-98. Anthony Davis AKA A.D. Lead with 34 points in 38 minutes. LeBron scored 25 points in 36 minutes. Jimmy Butler  lead the the Heat with 23 points in 33 minutes. This game was in garbage from the second quarter  on, so the game ended up being closer than it actually was. The Lakers won the game by a score of   124-114. Miami made game 2 a bit closer but it was really  no contest! In game 3 the Miami Heat won 1115-104. Jimmy Butler had a legendary game with a 40 point triple double! In 45 minutes on the floor Jimmy had 40 points 13 assists and 11 rebounds. It was the best game I had ever seen Jimmy Butler play in his career! Maybe his Big Face Coffee did the the trick! That’s his coffee he created in the bubble, he sold the coffee to his team and his fellow competitors for  2o bucks a cup! and 5o dollars for two small cups!  I think its safe to say only NBA Players can afford to spend that much on coffee! Jimmy better pay taxes on that coffee!… Now back to the finals series, The Los Angeles Lakers won game 4 102-96 it was a very close game and down to last few possessions  in the 4th quarter.  King James  in 39 minutes on the floor had 28 points 12 rebounds and 8 assists. Anthony Davis  in 42 minutes had 22 points 9 rebounds and 4 assists.  For the Miami Heat  Jimmy Butler  in 43 minutes on the hardwood in game 4 had 22 points  10 rebounds and 9 assists. At this point in the series Jimmy was exhausted  and it was very to the basketball world/ NBA World that Miami  were servilely  over matched in this Championship series! In game 5 the Heat had a miraculous  win! In my humble opinion I believe whole hardly that it was a pure out right miracle that Miami escaped that with a win. The Guys from South Beach won the game in nail bitting fashion 111-108! The game came down to last second missed 3 by Danny Green.  This doesn’t  take away the real reason The Heat won… The reason was of course Jimmy Butler.  Jimmy had a 35 point triple double with 35 points 11 assists and 12 rebounds.  Amazingly remarkably  he only had a mere one minute of rest, playing an amazing 47 minutes.  Butler played liked a machine in game 5!  It was amazing to the that duel between LeBron and Jimmy, Because LeBron had a super human game as well! scoring 40 points also adding 13 rebounds  and an impressive 7 assists. Very rarely if ever is a LeBron Lead team beaten when King James plays like Super Man!.. But the the Butler did it Lol! In Game 6 which turned out to be the close out game for the Lakers and for Laker Nation! The Lakers won in blowout fashion the game was never close from the jump! Or from the word go! The Final score was 106-93.  LeBron had  a triple double 28 points 10 assists and 14 rebounds Anthony Davis chipped in with 19 points 15 rebounds  and a mere 3 assists. For Miami the very  exhausted Jimmy Butler had a very meek  12 points  8 assists and 7 rebounds. The Los Angeles are Lakers are Champions once in 2020! LeBron AKA King James himself  won the Finals MVP for the 4th time with 3rd different  team.  LeBron  along with Anthony  Davis and Co, delivered on their Championship  promise!!!  Los Angeles is a City of Champions once again!

RIP Kobe Bean Bryant and Gigi Bryant. This one  is for you!

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