Los Angeles Lakers Miami Heat Finals Preview

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada - September 10, 2011: A young Kobe Bryant fan waits to get an autograph from a basketball player at the NBA Jam Session Canada during its stop in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Hi guys,  today  September 30th is game 1 of the NBA Finals between Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat. I believe it’s the Lakers title to loose and here’s why. First things first the Lakers have the best players two players, on the court between the two teams. I believe this is true by leaps bounds in my humble opinion By far and and way they are the more talented team.  LeBron James (AKA) affectionally known as King James  and of course the Brow himself Anthony Davis. That’s I believe that the Miami Heat are absolutely no match for Los Angeles. LeBron And Anthony Davis (AKA) affectionally known as AD have been on a mission to bring a title to La LA Land ever since  they  both came together in training camp last year in September 2019,  all the way back when season first started Since the NBA restarted back in late July  on the NBA Campus in Orlando, The Lakers have played well for the most part in the Bubble. That being said the guys from Hollywood really caught fire back in August when Playoffs started over there  in Central Florida in the Bubble. The King James lead Lakers beat the Portland Trail Blazers in five games in the opening round.The Lakers held there superstar player  Damian Lillard in check for the most part.  Then they easily went on to dispatch  James Harden and Russell Westbrook lead Houston Rockets, also in five games. In the Conference Finals they defeated the Denver Nuggets the comeback kids from the Mile High City, because they became the first team in NBA history to come back from a 3-1 deficit  twice in the same Playoffs. The folks from Tinsel Town were to defeat with rather  ease. LeBron James and Anthony Davis were able to dominate there two headed monster of Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic. Going into the NBA Finals The Lakers  are Heavy favourites against Miami The Heat are a very together they play very good team basketball in my opinion. That being said I believe the Heat  are completely overmatched talent wise. Quite frankly I honestly think that any team that has Jimmy Butler as there best player have no chance to win a Championship. That’s why I think the guys from South Beach to make it a competitive NBA Finals. That being said I don’t  think any need for brooms. Miami will get one game and only game! There will not be sweep the Lakers will win the Championship in five games. This one will be for you Kobe!!! Laker Nations  Championship drought will come to finally come to an end!.. Mamba Forever!!!

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