I Think Kawhi Lenoard Will Stay North

Toronto,Canada - April 16, 2016: TORONTO,CANADA-APRIL 16,2016: NBA: Raptors play off game 1, fans gathered outside the Air Canada Centre (ACC) to watch in big screen.
Hey Guys,
Unless you have been living in a cave… I’m sure you heard about the Toronto Raptors acquiring Kawhi Lenoard from the San Antonio Spurs. This Blockbuster Trade Shook the NBA and obviously Kawhi was not expecting to be deported to Canada by coach Gregg Popovich. He’s affectionally known as Coach Pop or just simply as  (Pop.) What could move by coach Pop literally and figuratively speaking.. haha. Especially when  Kahwi made very well known to everyone around the NBA that he was willing to listen, that he wants go home and play in L.A. for either the Lakers or the Clippers under the bright lights of Hollywood and Popovich turns around and calls him and his team and says okay.. You are going to Icy Cold Toronto! The Coldest City in the NBA and by far one of the coldest places in North America.
Now, how’s that for a bit of irony… We all know that Kawhi will have to deal frigid winters up in Toronto instead of Palm Trees and beaches in Los Angeles. Toronto, the City Drake coined AKA nicknamed the 6. Here’s why I think Kawhi will stay and it absolutely will not be because Canada’s very own Drake. I believe in Canada, the Raptors are the only show in town. Every single Nationally Televised, being the only team in the country, I strongly believe they can cater to Kawhi way more than other teams. That I think, will be a huge selling point for President and General Manager Masai Ujiri. By all accounts Kawhi is healthy and fully recovered from his injury and ready to go for this upcoming season. Last year he missed all but 9 games. The Spurs doctors disagreed with his team of doctors, regarding the severity of his injury, which in turn ultimately rocky departure from San Antonio. Toronto has basically given him the keys to the team by Masai Ujiri and new coach Nick Nurse whom he had a very positive meeting with Kawhi in Toronto a week ago.  Now it’s Kahwi’s unlock the car and drive it.
I believe he is now thinking to himself “I’m the best player in the East”.  Lebron’s not here anymore. I can lead this team to Eastern conference Finals, the path is cleared. I Think Kahwi has come to that realization already and will be only a matter of time before he signs on the doted line long term to stay with the Raptors and Masai Ujiri I believe will look like a genius when its all said and done!


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