LeBron Goes To Laker Land

Hi guys, Lebron James (The King himself) just decided to Bolt for L.A. a few weeks ago in Free Agency in seismic for the NBA. The deal cost the Lakers a mere 154 million dollars over four years. Obviously it goes without saying it’s a max contract that they gave to King James. Magic Johnson didn’t really have work his to Magic on his recruiting job which obviously made Laker General Manager Rob Pelinka and Jeanie Buss, The President of the Laker organization very happy.  Jeanie is who revamped the Laker front office and brought Magic on board a few years ago for the sole purpose of landing King James in Free Agency. Wow did Jeanie ever hit a home run  for the City of Los Angeles. Even though I’m not a baseball fan I hope it’s ok to use a baseball metaphor (Haha).  I think without Magic Johnson captaining and running the Laker ship Lebron, would not have gone to Los Angeles.  Lebron always  wanted to the come to bright lights of Los Angeles. LeBron’s move to Hollywood is very good for the league as a whole and here’s why. For years the Big market cities  in the league  have been falling because  the big stars have not wanted to go there because the teams have been poorly managed. In my opinion that’s really bad for the league as a whole.  I believe the NBA needs stars in their biggest markets. Just like the NFL does, Professional Sports is a business at the end of the day. Each athlete is its own brand. There’s no bigger brand than King James in sports today.  The Lakers with the signing of LeBron James completely changes that narrative, and turns it on its head. Teams like Chicago, New York, even Brooklyn for that matter.  LeBron has had a media company called Uninterrupted  and has had aspirations of getting into the entertainment business and acting. Tinsel Town is the best place for that!  I think the quality life for him and his family has a lot to do with his move to Southern California Which is affectionately know as SoCal. The weather ain’t  so bad there to be honest…   Welcome to Los Angeles King James!

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