Kevin Durant And The Juggernaut that is the Golden State Warriors

Hey everybody, the only people that are happy with Golden State Warriors being as good as they  are, are the people that live in the Bay area and members of Dub Nation across the country and across the globe. When you have a team like them, there’s no  parody in the league and because of that the ratings and interest as a whole go way down in the NBA.

I also don’t agree with Kevin Durant’s philosophy of, if you cant beat them join them. The NBA has gotten to the point to where the regular season doesn’t matter. That in my opinion it devalues the product, and global brand that is the NBA. If the Warriors  will keep  all their core pieces together which I believe they will  do so, Durant Steph Curry, and the other half of the Splash brothers duo Klay Thompson, and Not to mention their defensive  stopper, Draymond Green. He is the straw that stirs their drink for them in my opinion.

All of those guys are supremely talented players. All of them are in the prime of their athletic careers, under the age of 30. They have the capability to win five or more championships in my humble opinion.  I completely agreed with  the Cleveland Cavillers coach Tyron Lue, when he said this version of the Golden State Warriors is the best team of all time. Let’s see if King James can break the Juggernaut that is the Warriors next year in June. I doubt it, and I am sure everyone else  in the basketball world does too.

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