NBA Christmas Day Recap

Merry Christmas and Happy New year. Basketball ball in a santa hat with branches of a Christmas tree and snowflakes. Greeting card design pattern. Vector illustration

I hp[e you had a very Merry NBA Christmas everybody! and a very Happy Holiday season to alll of you that orbit the NBA World just like me lol! We are past Christmas now so that means we are past the quarter point of the season! Oh how fun this is around the the NBA gets very interesting around this time of year Even though NBA Commissioner Adam Sliver and his crew tried to the early season more interesting with In-Season Play-In Tournament, I believe they failed miserably. In my opinion it was a complete disaster. I mean even I was utterly disinterested and everyone knows my fandom for NBA runs deep. The Lakers did go on to win the Inaugural event. I do understand why LeBron The King James wanted add it long list of accomplishments. Although I think the celebratory champagne in the locker room for a very meaningless Play-In Tournament in early freaking November. I very much agree with what Shaq said On TNT its a Ornament not a Banner and has no place being there Lol! Sir Charles also chimed in making fun of their champagne in the locker room celebration, very rightfully so, I might add. Lets change course and talk about the five great we just had on Christmas Day! A great Christmas Day tradition as we all know. First off we started off at lunch time. With the New York Knicks. at the Legendary Iconic Madison Square Garden! AKA better known as MSG Worldwide Its undoubtedly the most famous Arena in the World against we started at lunch time with Dame Dollar Lillard and Giannis The Greek Freak Anteteokompo and the new look Milwaukee Bucks against soon to be 1st NBA All Star Jalen Brunson in my humble opinion! In Indianapolis in mid February The New York Knicks dispatched the guys from the Mean Streets of Milwaukee Wisconsin by a final score of 129-122. Next we. Move on to the home of NBA Champions! the Mile High City of Denver Colorado. Where they faced off against the No other than the Bay Area’s very own\, The Golden State Warriors Affectionally league by the NBA’s Adoring fans as the Dubs! The Denver Nuggets and Golden State Warriors are the last two NBA Champions respectively. You better damn well believe they want to lift the Larry O’Brien Trophy again! In this Christmas Day Clash. The Nuggets managed to and squeak out a win and emerge victorious on their Home Court o by a very thin margin of 6 points. 120-114. Now we move on to game number 3 of the day on the streets of Downtown LA at Arena formerly known as the Staples Center Where the Los Angeles Lakers faced off Beantown very own Boston Celtics. The 1st place Celtics with a very inform peak of his powers Jayson Tatum led his team to a 128- 115 victory Tatum finished 25 points 8 Rebounds and 7 Assists He is defiantly the King Pin on the Celtics Chessboard. Honarable mention goes to Anthony Davis who finished with a cool 40 points 13 Rebounds and 4 assists. Ultimately Jayson Tatum and the Celtics proved have way too much fire power for The Lake Show. LeBron James and his Minions willl have to try to get Bostonians next year on Christmas Day! Next game number Four at the Kaseya down in South Beach in Miami. The Heat faced off against Joel Embed and Philadelphia Seventy Sixers. Kyle Lowry against his former Championship Coach in Toronto in 2019. A sub plot which to me was very interesting! The Heat end up winning a very close hard fought game. The Miami Heat took the game by a very slight deficit of 119- 113 absolutely thrilling the home fans! In the Fifth and last game of this Christmas Day Marathon. Luka Donic Led The Dallas Mavericks to a wire to victory in Phoenix at The Footprint Center. Luka The Don ‘s Stat was Insane it was definitely one the Record Books Christmas Or Not! going a perfect 12/12 from the Charity Stripe 8/16 from Beyond The Arc. Only missing mere 10 shots all game. finishing with an an amazing pertange 15/25! and top it all off he 50 points in game! Its Amazing that he a 50 Ball Christmas Day! Very few can say did that, Needless to say the Mavericks one the game going 128-114!

Merry Christmas Happy Holidays, Happy New Year Guys! But Most Importantly Everyone!… Happy NBA Watching!

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