The Rise Of Fred VanVleet!

Toronto, Canada - July 02, 2018: Entrance of Scotiabank Arena in Toronto. The Scotiabank Arena, former Air Canada Centre renamed on July 1, 2018, is a multi-purpose indoor sporting arena in Toronto.

First of all, Today is Freddy VanVIeet’s Birthday! So I want to start off this blog by wishing Fred VanVleet a very happy 27th Birthday! Rockford Illinois Finest! In the words of Raptors play-by-play guy, Matt Devlin!…. (AKA) Steady Freddy got paid and secured his bag in the Off-Season… Mr. Bet on yourself got a four-year 85 million dollar contract extension. The contract is the richest ever for an undrafted player in the history of the National Basketball Association! I was so happy for Fred he is a tireless worker and deserves all the success that has come his way in the league, not to mention he is one of the fortunate players in the Association To Have a ring! (Championship!) A Keg Cog for Raptors Championship at that, along with Kawhi Leonard and Kyle Lowry and Co. Toronto Had to keep VanVleet they couldn’t afford to lose him in Free Agency. So Therefore The Raptors paid him and Freddy Cashed in A few weeks ago Freddy had a Raptors Franchise Record of 54 points. In 123 -108 win at Amway Center in Central Flordia Toping former longtime Raptor (2009-2018) Demar. DeRozan 52 point night against the Milwaukee Bucks back in January 2018. VanVleet had an incredible shooting against the Orlando Magic. He had a very efficient shooting night. Shooting an amazing 17-23 in only a mere 37 minutes. He also had a career-high 11 3 pointers Shooting 11 – 14 from behind the arc! Fred scored the most points by an undrafted player in NBA history. breaking the record of the NBA legend and icon, from way back in the day Mosses Malone. Malone scored 53 that day and it took many many years and many many players passing through the NBA Remarbly Fred VanVleet was able to get it done! The Legend of Steady Freddy continues to grow in the NBA and in Toronto Raptors Lore! Fred has played absolutely amazing this year! The future is very bright for Freddy. It’s beyond me as to why Fred wasn’t Named to the NBA All-Star Team this year, but I can guarantee he will make it next year! You can take that to the bank!!!

Wishing you a big Happy Birthday today! Freddy!!!

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