Kevin Durant And Kyrie Irving Their New York State Of Mind

New York City, New York, USA - December 21, 2013: Street view with pedestrians visible outside Madison Square Garden in New York City on December 21, 2013. This landmark multi-purpose indoor arena, located above Penn Station opened in February 1968.

Hi Guys, I Believe Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will link up and Join forces and play for Knicks Next Season in New York City. Kyrie  grew up in near by West Orange, New Jersey and he has always had a desire to play as close to home as possible.  Kevin has always had the desire to be the man on his own team. Kevin and Kyrie have always been great friends going back to high school playing AAU  Basketball against each other. Kevin would be 1 and Kyrie would 1A I think They know will be the perfect Tag Team Slash 1 2 Punch in the NBA today. Not the mention they will still in there prime for years to come. Kyrie and Kevin earning potential in  New York is completely astronomical. The Big Apple is the World’s Finical Epicentre. New York is a city full of Wall Street Tycoons and Hedge Fund Managers.  Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving face will be on Billboards in every Burrow across New York  from  Manhattan to Queens, and even across the bridge to  Brooklyn  I think that they will replace some of the Brooklyn Nets Billboards and Durant and Irving’s face on them. Come on guys  D’angelo Russell isn’t that good, Even though he’s a strong candidate for Most Improved Player. I Honestly believe the kid from Cameroon  Pascal Siakam  will the award this year. The Knicks could use Siakam. There’s no way the Raptors are not giving him up though.. Back to Kevin and Kyrie whatever they loose quote on quote. By not resigning with there respective teams long term this summer in Free Agency (Boston) Kyrie  (Golden State) Kevin They both will make up in five seconds flat in endorsements off court. Business ventures, investments everything, When your athlete in the NBA especially in 2019 it’s all about growing your Brand. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving know that more anybody in the NBA Today.  This Generation of NBA Ball Players, for these guys its not all about buying expensive houses and expensive cars. In my humble opinion if it was not for Social Media There would be no Branding. Social Media allows players like Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to have a bigger voice and therefore a bigger platform and much broader reach than ever before. Every NBA has that ability these days whether your 10th guy on the bench or a Superstar like LeBron James. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving and not guys that shy away from the bright lights that is New York  and the biggest stage in the world of Madison Square Garden The Mecca Of Basketball  Affectionally known as MSG I know the Knicks have been the laughing stock of the NBA for years now but the allure of Mecca will never die, and has always been there even for these lean years. This is why I strongly Durant and Kyrie two playing opposite coasts right now in the Playoffs, one in the Bay Area in Beantown. Will link up and join forces in the Big Apple and restore faith to the Knicks and make relevant again.    Can you imagine if the Knicks get Number #1 pick and draft Zion Wilamson! That would be Amazing! and very good for our League.


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