Carlos Alcaraz Dethrones Novak Djokovic At Wimbledon

London, England - March 29th, 2013: A platform sign and tube train at Wimbledon station in London. Wimbledon is a suburb of London and is the home of the world famous tennis championships held every June.

I always new Carlos Alcaraz going special. He definitively passed the eye test for me and many other tennis fans around the world. I could see that back when I first saw Alcaraz play on TV, two years ago when he just eighteen years old. This was long before he won his 1st Grand Slam in New York city Also known as The US Open. I believe he is air apparent to the Big 4 AKA Novak Djokovic Roger Federer Rafael Nadal and Sir Andy Murray as Brits call him. To illustrate my point even further Carlitos is the first player outside Big 4 that I just mentioned, to win Wimbledon since 2002. Now that’s one mind blowing stat. Another absolutely insane stat is the fact that Novak was going 5th straight Wimbledon and 8th overall. If Djokovic won Sunday, On that very special Wimbledon fortnight He would have tied the great newly retired Roger Federer for most Wimbledon Titles of all time. For now and just for now Has been put on hold for Novak by Carlitos We have to wait and see what happens at the 2024 Wimbledon. Me and whole tennis will eagerly awaiting a rematch on that hallow Wimbledon Center Court I really hope to see a rematch at National Bank in Toronto and also Cincinnati Masters and at the US Open. So all the North American Hardcourt Swing! that Maybe by my own I’m being too greedy, one can only hope. This years Wimbledon Final was absolutely amazing! the Final almost reached five hours over five tough gruelling sets, with Alcaraz finally 6-4 in 5th and deciding set. After the match Novak Had never played a better player. More complete player like Carlos. The match was a war of attrition out there, lasting four hours and forty two minutes Novak said after the Match in the On court interview to Carlitos that I knew I would have trouble with Clay Courts and Hard Courts But I didn’t think I would have trouble with you on a Grass court! For me it shows Alcaraz’s pure adaptability on any surface anywhere in the world!…. Unlike any other player before him! Novak also said in Post Match the most poignant compliment of all! That Carlos Alcaraz has combination of all our games Me (Novak) Roger and Rafa He said Quote Carlos has the best of both worlds! That I believe the highest level of compliment you can give your fellow competitor, that you just shared the court with for almost five straight hours I would most definitely have to agree!!! Many Many Many more Grand Slams to come in the career of Carlitos Alcaraz.

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