Toronto Raptors World Champions!

Toronto,Canada - April 16, 2016: NBA: Raptors play off game 1, fans gathered outside the Air Canada Centre (ACC) to watch in big screen.

Hi Guys,  The Toronto Raptors are World Champions! Can you believe it! The NBA Champions are North Of the border. Affectionally called the Larry O.B. by Kawhi AKA The Larry O’Brien Trophy.  For  The First Time in NBA history, the NBA Championship is in Canada! For the first ever! Kawhi Leonard led The Raptors to an improbable Championship Run. He is the first player since Michael Jordan, Kareem Abul-Jabbar and LeBron James to score 30+ plus points in 15 or more playoff games, which is a really impressive accomplishment! Kawhi averaged 32.5 points a game throughout the playoffs, and he led the Raptors in every statistical category. Kawhi has the purest jump shot I have ever seen! It has absolutely no margin of error; it just goes straight up and straight down. He swishes it every time! The net AKA hoop, doesn’t even move an inch. The only shot I can compare to Kawhi is Michael Jordan. Kawhi is definitely a once in a generation player. This Championship with Raptors in my humble opinion  has vaulted Leonard to the best player status in the NBA. Kawhi became the first player since LeBron a Finals MVP with two different teams! (Spurs and Raptors).  It’s even more impressive considering Kawhi only played 9 games due to injury last season with the San Antonio Spurs. He is definitely now considered one of the all the time greats to ever play the game. Kawhi is for sure now on the Mount Rushmore of NBA! No questions asked whatsoever! However a NBA title doesn’t arrive in Toronto… The 6ix as Drake once coined as without supporting cast. North Philly’s finest Kyle Lowry to quote Matt Devlin Raptors Broadcaster affectionally known as Matty D! By Raptors Nation!  Kyle Lowry is longest serving Raptor the Five time All Star had a great Playoffs all things considered. Kyle had an injured thumb on his shooting hand all Playoffs. In the games that Kyle was more aggressive with his shot, the Raptors did much better and usually won. Kyle studied the film of previous games and realized in the games the Raptors won throughout the season he was always looking for his shot and being way more aggressive. Although Lowry is pass first point guard by nature. Coach Nick Nurse and all of his teammates also encouraged him to take his opportunities out on the floor when they were presented to him, and Kyle did exactly that. Kyle played very well in finals, especially in Game 6 at Oracle Arena where they closed it out against the Golden State Warriors. Lowry scored the first 11 points of game all three pointers. He ended up scoring 15 in first quarter, which was very crucial. Kyle ended the game with very impressive stat line of 26 points 10 assists and 7 rebounds. The Cameroon Native Pascal Siakam also chipped in with 26 points, 10 rebounds and 3 assists, in Game 6. Pascal absolutely dominated his finals  matchup with Warriors forward Draymond Green scoring on him down in the block and paint area. Siakam averaged 19.6 in the NBA Finals. Oh by the way, Steady Freddy, Fred VanVleet now Sr, since his baby was born. was incredibly clutch scoring 22 points in Game 6, and 12 points in the all important fourth quarter. Fred Most definitely iced the game. or as some would say he put the game on ice. Champagne and ice, expensive Champagne and ice. VanVleet  surprisingly even got a finals MVP vote from former Hall Of Fame coach turned broadcaster Hubie Brown. That vote was the vote that Kawhi Leonard from being a unanimous Finals MVP. Last but not least who can the cogs in the middle from the Spanish National Team Marc Gasol and Serge Ibaka both were key contributors to the Toronto Raptors Run. This proves that a Championship without a very strong supporting cast and Toronto had exactly that this year.  Kawhi, If I were you I would stay North your King of the North! Now Why would you leave a place where you are Royalty. Well, we will have see what happens in free agency in about week… Canada!  We The North! We The Champs!

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