Musical Chairs and Kawhi Leonard and Paul George Are Clippers!

Hi Guys. Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a Clippers fan, and have been for many years! June 30th at 3pm Pacific time is when Free Agency started. Right away, big dominos started to fall. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant were the first to make a splash by going to the Brooklyn Nets – not the New York Knicks! Surprise surprise… The part owner Jay-Z (Beyoncé’s husband) and Roc Nation, is Jay-Z record label,  were too much to of an opportunity to pass up a financial opportunity for both of them.

Don’t be mistaken by the allure of New York City. I think that Durant didn’t wanted to play with Kawhi. Then half an hour later, the Golden State did a sign a trade  to get D’Angelo Russel to essentially replace Klay Thompson in my humble opinion.  In same breath, Kemba Walker, formerly a star of the Charlotte Hornets,  went to Boston to replace Kyrie Irving. Kemba played collegiately at Yukon in The New England area. So, it’s a homecoming of sorts for Kemba.  I believe that Kemba is an upgrade on Kyrie, Because Kyrie has an attitude problem.

Jimmy Butler went to the heat in a sign and trade deal. Jimmy played for Philadelphia last year.  Kawhi also wanted play with Butler.  I think he was his second choice to team up with, Kevin Durant was his first choice to team up with, even though Kevin ruptured his Achilles in the Finals, and will be out all of next season.  So then Kawhi’s stealth recruiting process and acquisition of Paul George (AKA PG-13) began. To come team up with him in L.A. To play with the Clippers! They are a Tag Team of epic proportions. Those guys are ready to take the league by storm. For a team that has never been to the Western Conference in their history. I think they can together take Clippers to Championship heights.   I think they are favourites to win the Championship this year and the best team in L.A. even with LeBron James and Anthony Davis playing for LA Lakers.

Days before free agency began, Kawhi and Paul  met up in a secret location in L.A. , probably at  a very fancy restaurant and talked about playing together.  The Clippers  are the best team in Los Angeles and best team in the league.  The Clippers-Lakers rivalry will be so much more fun from this point forward!  Before all three of Kawhi’s free agency meetings with the Clippers, Raptors and Lakers, Kawhi’s mind was set on the Clippers all along. The Clippers also knew that. From day one, even as a Raptor, Kawhi’s desire always to come home and play in Southern California. Kawhi being a San Diego Kid and all. He won a World Championship for the city of Toronto and the country of Canada as a whole so no worries. The Canadian fans, We The North, We Are The Champs. The people of Canada have no reason to be upset in the slightest. Kawhi has delivered a Championship. He will always be the King of Canada.

Fast forward to the present, he asked Paul George to request a trade out of Oklahoma city. After Kawhi’s  meeting with the Clippers, he informed them that if you can get Paul to come here to Los Angeles, he will come to play for the Clippers! So therefore, the Clippers made it happen, in a sign and trade, giving up Danilo Gallanari, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, five first round picks and two pick swaps.

That’s a staggering haul to give up for Paul George. In my opinion, way to much to give up! At the same time Clippers had to make the trade to stay relevant in the N.B.A. and the owner of Clippers Steve Balmer knows that! He’s the richest owner in sports. The Sky is the limit for the Clippers! A Championship limit! Get ready Clipper Nation!

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