Carmelo Anthony’s Possible Return To The NBA With The Brooklyn Nets!

New York, United States, August 18, 2018:NBA store front in New York

Hi guys, Carmelo Anthony might return to NBA after all Carmelo is scheduled to join his former team the New York Knicks tomorrow Thursday August 30th 2019. For informal five on five scrimmages. The Free Agent Shooting Guard last played in the League, Last year on November 8th 2018. For the Houston Rockets. Then the team told Carmelo That his services were no longer needed for Houston Only after a mere a very meek and messily 10 game stint with the  Houston Rockets. Daryl Morey the Rockets General informed him of this news.  He was subsequently picked up by the Chicago Bulls and waived immediately. He never played a game for the Chicago Bulls. Carmelo recently told Stephen A. Smith of ESPN in a long comprehensive interview on First Take a very popular ESPN program, that he felt fired and very unwanted. By the Houston Rockets General Manager  Daryl Morey. Carmelo wanted to the interview with Stephen A. Smith, because he wanted to speak for himself. Carmelo affectionately known as Melo by his peers around the league. Was very tired of reporters General Managers , and fellow players dragging his name the mud.  Carmelo has been black listed by all the NBA Front Offices for basically a full year now. I believe it was due to his selfish antics. I vividly  remember Carmelo scoffing at  reporters multiple times both in  Oklahoma City and Houston at the notion of being or becoming a role player. He was never able adapt his game, or accept the fact that he is a role player these days. Fast Forward to the present day, Melo had to do this interview With Stephen A. National T.V. on ESPN.  As a last ditch hail merry effort to save his NBA Career. Most importantly he absolutely had to show the characteristic of humility, which I believe he did. I think personally Carmelo has not shown any humility throughout his Career. I am glad he showed it in the ESPN interview. I believed saved his Career in The League. Salvaged his Career is probably a more accurate term Anthony was very comfortable doing the in the interview with Stephen A. Smith. They have very close relationship. Going back many years to Melo’s College at Syracuse. Carmelo led the Syracuse Orange to NCAA Championship, in his one stint there. Today August 29th 2019. It was reported  Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving  are pleading with the Brooklyn Nets Management Team to sign Carmelo Anthony.  I whole hardily believe  because of the that fact. Carmelo will be on Brooklyn Nets before the 2019-2020 Season  NBA Season begins! At least lets hope so for Carmelo’s Case!…

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