Golden State Reigns Supreme Again

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Golden State just won there third championship in the last four  years, They now have a dynasty. I would make the argument there better than Michael Jordan’s  95-96 Chicago Bulls. In My eyes these Warriors are the best of team of all time. Warrior Nation affectionally known as Dub Nation, are very spoiled in my humble opinion. here’s why simply because they have the three best players in world. any team with Stephen Curry Kevin Durant Klay Thompson will win every year not to mention they also have Draymond Green. The best role player in the league. He’s there floor general  he’s not a superstar but he’s star. If Draymond didn’t get suspended for kicking people in game 5 of 2016 finals, I believe Golden State would of won the 2016 championship as well.  That means the championship drought in Cleveland would of been alive and well today. Cleveland winning the championship gave  The Beasts by the bay a wonderful golden opportunity to get Kevin Durant. Kevin is no marginal player let’s be real. He’s the second best player in the league, next to Lebron in my opinion. Most people around the NBA share my opinion. Then you got Stephen Curry , the best in shooter in the history of the league.   He has a computer chip in his arm, King James said so himself and I believe him. They also got Klay Thompson Curry’s other half Splash brother.  Klay once had a record breaking 37 points in a quarter  Klay is a very pure shooter with a very quick release.  Mark Jackson before (Steve Kerr) When he coached the Warriors said before everyone else, that Klay and Steph are the best shooters in the world. Mark Jackson was 200 percent right. I firmly believe if you put Klay Steph or even Kevin Durant for that matter on a lie detector test each one of would say that they are the best players in the NBA. The truth is there all right. So amazingly thing  there story is far from being over. This super dynamic team will have a special place in the history books that’s for sure. They have the potential to win three or four more championships, with all there superstars being currently in there prime. They are a well oiled machine. Simply the best they are a group of super heroes! When it comes to basketball players. They are also freakish athletes in every sense of the word!

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