The Netflix Slam Rafael Nadal Versus Carlos Alcaraz In Las Vegas

A stock photo of the world famous Las Vegas city skyline.

Rafael Nadal’s career is quickly nearing its conclusion sadly. Next month will be Spaniards last French Open. Rafael has won the French Open an incredible absolutely mind blowing 14 times! He is the Undisputed Clay Court King. In Fact he is only active player I believe to ever have a statue at a tournament let a lone a Grand Slam. I think it’s safe to say that his record at Rolland Garros will never ever be broken. Take that to the bank! As They say all good things must come to end. Today Rafa Lost in the Quarter Finals of the Madrid Masters to Czech Player Jiri Lehecka This was sadly his last match of his career on his home turf in Spain. Post Match there was not a dry eye in the Stadium. A court The Manolo Santana Arena which he had played on countless times played before in his very decorated career. The legend won the title in Madrid an amazing 5 times in his career! What I really wanted to talk about today is the Netflix Slam. The event was the first of its kind, in the sporting World. The Netflix Slam was hosted by MGM Resorts International. The very special event took place inside the Michelob Ultra Arena at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. The electrifying match took place on March 3rd 2024. In fact it was supposed to happen last year, but unfortunately it did not happen because Nadal was injured. This match was Nadal’s last match on American Soil which makes me very sad. Because I highly doubt he will play the US Open in the summer It was a match of two generational greats. The future and present of tennis is great hands with Carlos Alcaraz. Carlitos is a great showman and he has wonderful engaging personality! More people in Spain watched the epic match live then any other country in the World. This is not surprising to me at all in the least, especially the two superstars hail from Spain. Now onto the match Nadal came out firing! and clicking on all cylinders. Rafa was moving very well and won the 1st Set 6-3. Although Rafa rolled to an easy 1st set victory. Carlitos was able to quickly turn the tables in his favour the main reason for this was Alcaraz’s much improved movement in the 2nd Set! One crucial is in second Carlos started to move much better out of corners. Which was much harder Nadal to do that because of how gritty and slow this indoor Hardcourt In Las Vegas was. With the match now all tied up at one set a piece. They now had play Ten Point Match Tiebreak to decide the inaugural Netflix Slam! Alcaraz ended up winning a nail bitting Match Tiebreak by the score of 14-12!. As it is first to Ten win by Two. So with that being said Carlos Alcaraz won the match by a score of 3-6 6-4 7-6! I wish I wish went to that historic tennis match and sporting event in Vegas. It was really great to watch on TV! I really hope Rafael Nadal Can play Rome Next week for one last time. But most importantly I hope the living legend has a great successful in Rolland Garros for one final time!… On his Home Court! I am so glad that we American Fans got see Rafa for one last time! In the Great City!!…. Of Las Vegas!!! No Less!

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