Hi guys, I wanted to talk about the show Speechless.

Speechless is an ABC show, directed by the very talented director  Scott Silveri. He is Best known for directing the show Friends.  Scott’s  Inspiration for the show came from his experience of growing up with a brother with Cerebral Palsy.  (CP) for short. I commend Scott Silveri for only wanting to cast a person that actually uses a wheelchair. We need more directors like that in Hollywood. Although It seems obvious that directors should cast more people with disabilities, they simply don’t. Although the show’s objective is Just to tell a story. It’s more than just a T.V. show. Because it resonates with a lot  of people. Especially the Disability community. The show is ground-breaking for the simple reason that there  has never been a show like Speechless on T.V. before. Speechless  stars actors, Micah Fowler, Minnie Driver, John Ross Bowie, Mason Cook, Kyla Kennedy, and  Cedric Yarbrough. Micah Fowler Plays the lead he has Cerebral Palsy  He plays JJ who is non verbal. Micah Fowler is verbal is real life. For an actor to play someone who is non verbal, In my opinion is much harder to do. Because you need to do that much more with your body language and  your movements and your facial expressions. The show very intelligently written it’s also  very witty. Above all most importantly, the show is very funny.  It’s very evident that all the actors have very good  chemistry and are hilarious. Minnie Driver does great job playing the very neurotic over protective mother.  John Ross Bowie does great job playing the quirky hilarious dad. Mason Cook does a very good job playing the forgotten brother, Mason is a very talented young actor. Kyla Kennedy plays JJ’s partner in crime, (sister) Cedric Yarbrough plays JJ’s aid He’s very funny and witty, and fits the role perfectly  I’m very glad that the show was picked up for a second season. Vanity Fair recently  named Speechless one of the best new shows of 2016. Catch Speechless every Wednesday at  8:30 pm,  and 7:30 pm in the Central time zone on ABC.

Happy New Year!

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