From Sideline To Sideline With Craig Sager

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This month We lost the legendary reporter Craig Sager. When he his lost two and a half year battle with Leukemia. He was part of the fabric of the NBA. He started working for Turner Sports in 1981 (TNT) (CNN) (TBS) covering a variety of sports. But he is best known for reporting from sidelines around the NBA. He had flashy outlandish suits that stood out.  But his wardrobe and style were the not the things only that stood out. There was nobody that had a greater knowledge of the NBA and the game of basketball itself. His interviews were must see T.V. Whether he was interviewing the infamous Gregg Popovich or Kobe LeBron or Michael. Every single player coach felt comfortable around him they were all his friends. Which is very rare sports today.   Shaq said it best when he said that when he was interviewed by Craig Sager at end of a game he knew ”he did work”. That was every players goal when Craig was in the building. He was a true icon. In June during the Finals ESPN gave him of the honour of working  the sidelines for  Game 6. A month later in July, Craig stole the show at the ESPY Awards when he was awarded Jimmy V Perseverance Award. He gave a very inspiring  acceptance speech. The words that stuck with me the most were, ‘Time is simply how you live your life’. Charles Barkley say it best, When he said ”people live there life.” ”But Craig Sager lived his life!

May we forever be Sager Strong!

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