Andy Murray’s Wonderful Career

Andy Murray is one of the greatest players of our generation. I remember seeing him play  and meeting him way back in 2005 in Vancouver at the  Vancouver Challenger, at the Hollyburn Country Club. He is a very nice guy. I remember that he made Semi Finals back then in 2005.  He was just starting his career back then. It was not hard for me to see even then that he was going to be  a terrific player. He had all the tools back then as an eighteen year old just starting out on the ATP Tour.  I could not see many flaws in his game.  Murray had tremendous all court game and he moved like a gazelle. He was one of fastest  movers around the court  I had ever seen.  That’s why I was not surprised that around that time all of the United Kingdom was in straight up fandom  for Andy.  So they subsequently renamed Henman Hill to Murray Mountain. I think British people were foreshadowing… Murray went onto win 3 Grand Slam Titles. The most important being his first  Grand Slam title at Wimbledon in 2013 becoming the British man to win Wimbledon in the open era, ending a 77 year drought.

All of the United Kingdom was able rejoice in the Scot’s victory. The monkey was finally off Murray’s back so to speak.   That was a huge relief for Andy. He was no longer under the microscope in the United Kingdom. The year before that in 2012, Murray won his first Grand Slam Title at the U.S. Open under the bright lights in New York! Andy won his second career title at Wimbledon in 2016 also winning the Olympics in Rio in Singles that summer. He won 45 career titles, which is 14th in Open Era and for 41 weeks was at  Number #1  in the world.  With Andy’s hip injury, his retirement is looming although he is exhausting every possible option  to extend his career and finish  his career on his own terms.  He is going to do what’s best for his life going forward.  I wrote this so I could reflect on Andy Murray’s great career and say Thank you!   Andy you are a champ!



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